That 'girl'

JLaw is my spirit animal. I want her to be my sister.

The Impala is on baker street and I will drive it to look for the TARDIS to stop the zombie apocalypse so I can live happily ever after in Storybrooke.

OTP - JoDean / Mollock / Rickyl / Eleventh Doctor&Myself / CaptainSwan / ReginaHood /MiaAdam

Randomness/Hopeless romantic / Adventurous / Sadistic / Freak / Mad / crying over fictional characters /

Aylums, Castles, Mythical Creatures, Osric Chau, and Fairytales fascinates me.

JohnnyDepp | DavidArchuleta | EnriqueGil | AjPerez | JensenAckles | NormanReedus | JaredPadalecki | AndrewLincoln | MishaCollins | MattSmith | BenedictCumberbatch | SamWoolf | TomHiddleston | ChrisEvans | RhysWakefield | BrendonUrie | FallOutBoy | RascalFlatts | Panic! AtTheDisco | Supernatural | WalkingDead | DoctorWho | Sherlock | Once upon a time | BigBangTheory | BeautifulCreatures | PotterHead | Narnia | PeterPan | AliceInWonderland

Gayle Foreman is the best ♡

I believe that every wardrobe has a secret. If go straight till morning on that second star to the right, you will end up in Neverland. All of us are mudblood. If you fall down in a rabbit hole, you will end up in Wonderland.

I love Phantom of the Opera

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